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  Cat Litter Box Furniture

Get Acquainted with Cat Litter Box Furniture

Some remain blissfully unaware of its existence, but to cat lovers, litter box furniture is slowly getting more and more popular. Cleaning up dirty and smelly litter boxes is an unfortunate side effect to owning a pet cat but for the most part, becoming a cat owner wouldn't be too bad if we could just get a hold of one of these great products. Luckily for us, this piece of furniture has features that hide the more unpleasant facets of cat ownership. It certainly doesn't hurt that they cost no more than the average cabinet.

What is a cat cabinet?

Basically, cat litter box furniture is just a pretty, waterproof cabinet that resembles other ordinary piece of home furnishings, except that it works differently for cats. It is mainly used to house a litter box, along with small hooks to hang up your scooper and any extra bags. It also provides a discreet entrance on the side for the cat to use. Some cabinets are used to hold bathroom supplies like towels and extra linens. Others are made into end tables. These cabinets will fit right in with the rest of your furniture, along with some additional perks.

What are its special features

Cat litter box furniture features many significant qualities. Things like a waterproof liner which helps to control odor and a small flap over the entrance to keep in litter. Some cat litter box furniture cabinets will also include gorgeous wood inlay or if you want to splurge, add in semi-precious stones for great decoration. This will cost you somewhere between three to seven hundred dollars. It's more or less within the price range of other ordinary cabinets, and its added benefit of complementing your existing décor is a definite plus. Shipping is no problem and they are delivered to your home fully assembled.

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